The Power of Water Therapy in Relieving Chronic Pain

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The Power of Water Therapy in Relieving Chronic Pain

by Home and Garden Spas

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Hydrotherapy in hot tubs:
Is it possible to conduct hydrotherapy in hot tubs?
The answer is yes. Hot tubs can be used to apply three vital components of hydrotherapy — heat, buoyancy and massage.
This is not only relaxing, but provides healing benefits as well.
When done regularly, hydrotherapy can transform a person’s health. It can soothe aches and pains from exercise or everyday life. Hydrotherapy can help you sleep better, relieve stress, and manage arthritis or other health conditions. Hot tubs can be used for a variety of alternative therapies, including reflexology and watsu. The relaxing effects of hydrotherapy can last for a long time.

Harnessing the power of water:
The only hot tub brand with a patent-pending technology that harnesses the power of water to treat chronic pain. Called HeatFlow technology, this technique uses water as a medium to massage muscles and tissues to relieve pain and speed the natural healing process.

Using safe practices and techniques, this approach to hydrotherapy is also environmentally friendly. Importantly, Home and Garden Spas discount hot tubs are inexpensive to use and maintain. This is due to the built-in energy efficiency of these products. Unlike some spa manufacturers, Home and Garden Spas publishes its energy ratings and lists expected monthly costs for each model on its website. Discount hot tubs are available to fit many budgets.

Benefits of using hot tubs:
Many people have experienced substantial relief from chronic pain with hydrotherapy. The warm water of a hot tub increases blood flow to sore muscles, while the buoyancy takes pressure off of joints. Additionally, there is no limit to how much hydrotherapy you can do. You can enjoy your hot tub a few times a week or every day.

Your hot tub can also improve your social life. Once your new hot tub is up and running, expect to see family and friends joining you more often for a day of fun. Or invite that special someone for a romantic evening.

For whom are hydrotherapy massages suited?
Nearly anyone with chronic pain problems can use hydrotherapy to get relief.

It could be back pain, joint pain or chronic headaches.
Water therapy is an ideal treatment to tackle many types of problems.


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