HeatFlow and the Friction Manifold Technology

HeatFlow and the Friction Manifold Technology

by Home and Garden Spas

Home and Garden Spas’ reviews clearly establish the fact that Home and Garden Spas is a leading provider of energy efficient spa products. Currently, their models offer an innovative technology called HeatFlow, which ensures greater efficiency long-term. This innovation has helped the company surpass other competitors in manufacturing energy efficient, luxurious, high-quality, and affordable spas. Apart from this HeatFlow technology, another technology known as the friction manifold is also used.

This friction manifold technology creates heat energy when water passes through components. The passing of water through components generates heat due to friction. This heat is utilized. So for every one hour of usage, the integrated friction manifold technology can raise the temperature of water by 3 degrees without the use of electrical power.

What is the HeatFlow Technology?
As per Home and Garden Spas reviews, the HeatFlow technology is one of a kind. This technology of Home and Garden Spas is not easy to replicate by other manufacturers. The invention was born out of years of research and development. HeatFlow technology reduces heat energy waste. When you use your spa, you unknowingly waste heat energy. Cumulatively, this results in Kilowatts of energy loss per month. HeatFlow technology is based on conserving the natural heat energy of the spa and recycling it back into use.

With this technology, the temperature of water is the same when you enter and exit the spa. Without this technology, the temperature of water recedes when you are in the spa. By the time you exit the spa, the temperature is several notches lower. HeatFlow technology puts less pressure on the spa heater by capturing the expended heat energy and reusing it. Therefore, you may never reheat the warm water in the spa again if you want to have an extended session in your spa.

This amazing technology completely lowers your energy consumption. Ultimately, it is good for the environment too.


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