Quality Hot Tub Covers Available for Affordable Prices


Quality Hot Tub Covers Available for Affordable Prices

by Home and Garden Spas

Statistics reveal that about 85% of spas today already include a cover. Other hot tubs, that do not come with covers, recommend the immediate purchase of such a cover. It is very important to purchase a hot tub cover and especially one that properly fits the unit for adequate protection and heat savings.

A hot tub cover provides several benefits to spa users. From protection of your unit to superior heat insulation and energy conservation, some covers also provide maximum safety for children, elder members of the family and pregnant women. There is no wonder why online stores suggest and offer quality covers for units. Despite the quantity of spa manufacturers in the market, investing in Home and Garden Spas’ hot tub covers is the best decision.

As a distinguished manufacturer in the industry, Home and Garden Spas offers durable, reliable, and high-quality spa covers that also suit customer’s different preferences and budgets. Our spa covers come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, materials, and features. Purchasing directly guarantees a great investment. We provide substantial savings and we also offer great amenities like free shipping, a five-year warranty and superb customer service.

Our company is dedicated to guiding customers through their spa cover purchases, from basic requirements down to the littlest necessities. As for ordering covers, it is important that you measure your hot tub. Doing so determines the type and size of cover ideal for your spa.

Below is how to measure:
• Measure your tub from lip to lip or from the outside dimension of the basin
• Add 1 inch to both the length and the width measurements. This space creates a secure fit for your cover
• Measure the skirt of the hot tub cover. The skirt is the flap that hangs from the bottom of the cover.
• Simply measure from the top to the bottom of the tub lip and add 1/2 inch

If you want customized spa covers, we can also assist you with that. Simply specify your spa’s needs and specifications.


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