Save Money & Reduce Costs with Home and Garden Spas

Save Money & Reduce Costs with Home and Garden Spas

by Home and Garden Spas

One of the first things that come to mind, when considering the purchase of a hot tub typically revolves around the cost. Many believe that hot tubs aren’t the most economically friendly luxuries, nor are they very energy efficient. However, at Home and Garden Spas, we offer discount hot tubs that are sure to fit anyone’s budget, as well as their energy consumption standards.

What makes these hot tubs different from those offered by other companies? For one, these utilize patent pending HeatFlow Technology that is incredibly energy efficient and saves a significant amount of kilowatts per month. How does it work? HeatFlow Technology works by capturing and recycling natural energy through utilizing friction, which occurs naturally when the water passes through the spa components. This creates up to three degrees every hour or one degree every twenty minutes. This technology is designed not only to save electricity, but to also to save unnecessary wear and tear on your hot tub.

Additionally, the discount hot tubs not only deliver in functionality, but also in their innovative design. With select models adjustable, multi-hued lighting systems are featured along with synchronized spa lights and LED light rings for air controls.

Every available model contains high-density foam insulation on the shell of the tub. For those living in colder parts of the world, an economical thermal wrap upgrade is also offered that is rated for up to thirty degrees below zero, to help. Take a look and find the hot tub that is best suited to you and your family!


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