Top Reasons to Buy Hot Tub Covers

Top Reasons to Buy Hot Tub Covers

by Home and Garden Spas

If you bought your hot tub from Home and Garden Spas, then you should also buy your hot tub cover from them.
Perhaps you already bought this as an accessory. Or are you still wondering if these covers are useful?

There are many reasons to buy a cover for your hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi, and they may be more important than you initially thought.
After you have invested in a quality hot tub, it is important to protect the water inside the tub as well as the hot tub itself.

Benefits of buying a hot tub cover:

• A hot tub cover protects your hot tub from dust, grime, dirt, pollutants, insects, snow, heat, rain, and wind.
• Keeping dirt out also benefits the tub’s filters and pumps, prolonging their life and saving you money in the long run.
• More importantly, a hot tub cover will help your tub be more energy-efficient. With a cover, the heat of the water is retained.
• The water in your hot tub stays warm for a longer time. You’ll need less re-heating of the water in your hot tub.
• The water is protected from outside elements and stays clean. This means you can reuse the water multiple times.
• Hot tub covers are also a safety feature, helping to keep children, pets and wildlife out.
• You are saving energy by not reheating the hot tub repeatedly. You can get into the hot tub right away and enjoy a spa session.

So as you can see, a hot tub cover can do more good than you might have thought.

Tips to buying a good hot tub cover:
• Select a hot tub cover from a good hot tub cover company. There are several companies that manufacture and sell hot tub covers for your Plug & Power™ Spas.
• But which one do you choose? You want to find a reputable brand. It’s as simple as that.
• Before going to buy a hot tub cover, get an accurate measurement of your hot tub.
• Tubs from Home and Garden Spas can be covered with a properly fit hot tub cover.
• Most covers are coated with vinyl casing. You have to periodically clean the vinyl casing using a cleaning agent that is not petroleum based.
• If the hot tub cover is heavy, you might want to consider buying a cover lifter. These mechanical devices will help you lift the hot tub cover with ease.


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